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Letterform Live: FOOD.

Grafik x Monotype presents Letterform Live: FOOD with William Hall, Tom Foley, Alison Haigh and Paul Webb.

Letterform Live is a series of talks inspired by the popular Letterform column, which ran in every issue of Grafik magazine since August 2005 and now continues on its website. In partnership with Monotype, each of these informal (and informative) events feature five speakers and drinks after.

On the second of September 2015, the talk was ‘Letterforms and Food’. Each designer chose a letter linked with the world of food.

They said in the end of the talk, that designers in food industry companies are more focused in not making mistakes rather than to produce attractive designs.

Everyone is after tha answer to ‘What’s the new unexpected?’ in terms of graphic style.

William Hall, chose the letter ‘t’ from Times New Roman font and talked about how it is used in the logo for the famous restaurant St. John in Farringdon.

He said that the font matches with the restaurant's style, because both are simple, unpretentious and high quality.

Tom Foley, chose an estimated sign (e-mark) because it is a letter that has had logo design principles applied to it.

The 'e' is now a logo more than a letter.

Alison Haigh, chose the weirdest ‘&’ in the world from the original Fortnum & Mason logo.

Fortnum & Mason is a luxurious department store in London since 1707.

The & did not need to be an & as it was obvious what it was, following Fortnum and preceeding Mason.

Paul Webb, chose the ‘S’ character from the old Sainsbury’s logo in SG Venus SB Bold Extended font.

We can see that is very 1960’s. Sainsbury’s in the 60’s had their own brand products designed in a very simple and beautiful style.

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